Personal Injuries

Since we already covered the topic of “minor injuries”, let me talk about mine.

Blood Vessels

I know this sounds unpleasant, it is. Since learning what to do with a riffle, I manage to pop at LEAST one blood vessel every time I toss it for a certain amount of times


Everyone in guard knows what it’s like to end up with random bruises on their bodies without explanation. I could be sitting down and then it’s, “Oh wow. How did this one happen”. I had a huge bruise under my knee from guard and I had to retrace how that could have appeared (from rolling on the same spot over and over and over etc.)

Unicorn Horns

Before a huge marching band competition, the guard was practicing a few tosses in like 15 mph wind. It did not end well for me.  I did a simple pop toss, then BAM unicorn horn

My Hand

May 8, 2017: My hand is in a lot of pain. I learned a riffle routine on the 7th and practiced on the 8th. Since I was trying to do something productive and practice, I was rewarded with a blister, the left side of my pinky is in pain, I popped a blood vessel, and an area under my thumb is in a lot of pain. Everything’s fine though.



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