Ayyyyeeee Fall Guard 2017

So we found out that who would and would not be in fall guard this year, and EVERYONE made it. That isn’t really a surprise because I don’t think the guard instructors have ever really denied anyone an opportunity to be on the team. The only reason why I thought that they would possibly say someone wouldn’t make it is because we have 41 people now and I don’t think that we have had that many people in guard at once. Of course I’m EXTREMELY happy about this because more guard members means more people to be weird with and more people to call “fam” in the hallwayMjAxMi1hYzBiM2QzM2NjODRiZDE4


Post Auditions

Trying out for guard takes A LOT out of you. At least it does to me. We’ve had auditions for guard since Monday and my body is ACHING. My back, shoulders, legs, and fingers are hurting soooo much currently. Also, going back to the random bruises comment in a previous post, I now have two new bruises on my knee, but we Gucci.

Why I Joined

So last year, my mom decided that I need better friends. My friends aren’t bad or anything, but my mom would appreciate me having some more who weren’t totally crazy. She suggested that I try out for guard. This wasn’t something that she had to beg me to do because I already wanted to join. My sister was previously involved and would say how fun it was. The only thing that was a problem was my fear of pain, but I’m use to it now I guess. Now I have several sisters and a brother.download (13)

Personal Injuries

Since we already covered the topic of “minor injuries”, let me talk about mine.

Blood Vessels

I know this sounds unpleasant, it is. Since learning what to do with a riffle, I manage to pop at LEAST one blood vessel every time I toss it for a certain amount of times


Everyone in guard knows what it’s like to end up with random bruises on their bodies without explanation. I could be sitting down and then it’s, “Oh wow. How did this one happen”. I had a huge bruise under my knee from guard and I had to retrace how that could have appeared (from rolling on the same spot over and over and over etc.)

Unicorn Horns

Before a huge marching band competition, the guard was practicing a few tosses in like 15 mph wind. It did not end well for me.  I did a simple pop toss, then BAM unicorn horn

My Hand

May 8, 2017: My hand is in a lot of pain. I learned a riffle routine on the 7th and practiced on the 8th. Since I was trying to do something productive and practice, I was rewarded with a blister, the left side of my pinky is in pain, I popped a blood vessel, and an area under my thumb is in a lot of pain. Everything’s fine though.



Great news! I learned how to do a back-hand on rifle. My lovely friend Janessa helped me on Sunday figure it out. The only problem was that she was telling me that what I originally did was correct, so I spent a solid 30 minutes doing a back-hand incorrectly. After she noticed this, she did teach me correctly and I’m extremely happy about it. I’m not consistent of course, but at least I can get it 45% of the time instead of 0%airblade4


Performing is EVERYTHING in guard. You basically have to be an actor/actress to be in guard. There have been MANY times I was called out this season for not performing properly because we had to be sad and I rarely get sad, it’s more like getting angry to the point of tears…but whatever. Points get taken off for not performing, so I need to get that together before our next season.

“Minor” Accidents


While in guard, you’re sacrificing your safety 24/7. Weighted flags are flying all over the place, rifles are being tossed a few feet in the air, and legs are flying all over the place (depending on what dance you’re doing). Sure you come home with a few bruises, popped blood vessels, or even a concussion, but it’s fine. Other than those minor details, guard is great and I recommend it 1000%.